Promotion of International Projects

NAGRA (Switzerland)

At the Grimsel Test Site (GTS) in Switzerland, NAGRA and other agencies have been performing various kinds of tests for well over 10 years. At present, The Grimsel project phase V is under way, and RWMC has made a umbrella agreement with NAGRA on Grimsel V. Making effective use of these facilities and this information, we are carrying out efficient research and development. The purpose of this research is to evaluate gas and water migration through engineered and natural barriers in actual disposal environments, as well as their migration through boundary regions. Furthermore, the research aims to develop a comprehensive model of gas and water migration, and obtain data useful for contributing to more rational engineered barrier designs. In addition, opinions and information are exchanged with researchers from countries around the world, and expectations are high that this will raise the level of future research and development.

In-situ gas and water migration test facility (Switzerland)

ISTC (International Science and Technology Center)

Countries such as the US, the EU, and Japan participate in the ISTC, which is an international agency based on agreements between governments, with the aim of preventing the defection of military scientists and engineers with knowledge related to weapons of mass destruction from the former Soviet Union by the support for the conversion of military work and civil work as well as supporting the transition to a market economy. The main business of the agency includes funding research projects, holding seminars and conferences, and providing funds for researchers to attend international conferences and to conduct research business. As part of the ISTC projects, the RWMC performed data management such as managing drilling data for ultra-deep holes and managing gas permeability data in bedrock. The RWMC evaluated the impact of heat on the physical features of bedrock, analyzed seismic data on ultra-deep assessment of the injection of liquid radioactive waste into wells. At present, the RMWC has been conducting research in such areas as evaluating geological and geochemical conditions for disposal of radioactive waste containing actinide.

Actinide solubility test equipment (MOSCOW)