Collection and Provision of Information, International Cooperation and Dissemination of Outcomes

Collection and Provision of Information on Radioactive Waste

O With the purpose of supporting national policymakers, RWMC has  been collecting and analyzing recent information concerning a disposal project, repository site selection, a disposal concept study,ongoing research, and the development status in other countries.This information is provided as a comprehensive database to the Atomic Energy Commission, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy and other stakeholders.
O With the purpose of supporting the development of laws and safety standards pertaining to the safe geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste, RWMC has been collecting and analyzing a wide spectrum of information, such as laws and regulations and their background in foreign countries, in order to provide information for discussion and consideration of safety regulations.

International Cooperation

1. Cooperation Agreement
Under cooperation agreements with research institutions and implementing entities, RWMC has been conducting information exchange concerning the legal framework, safety regulations and standards, and implementation status together with collaborative research.
2. International Collaboration
①Collaborative studies on the wireless monitoring with French radioactive waste management agency (ANDRA)
②Contribution to the Net-Enabled Radioactive Waste Management Database (NEWMDB) of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as a report coordinator by collecting and registering the information on the status of radioactive waste management in Japan.
③Contribution to EURATOM's international collaborative research project on monitoring in repository- MoDeRn(Monitoring Developments for Safe Repository Operation and Staged Closure)

Dissemination of Outcomes

O Publishing RWMC Topics, RWMC Annual Technical Report, other technical publications and uploading overseas current information on our website.
O RWMC Annual Research Conference and RWMC Lectures related to radioactive waste

Human Resource Development

In addition to studies on fostering and securing the human resources to realize smooth implementation of final disposal, RWMC has been running periodic seminars to provide basic knowledge on radioactive waste management to young engineers. RWMC has also been developing internationally adept engineers through assignment at our collaborative organizations (such as overseas implementing entities).