Information Services

Information Services in Radioactive Waste Management Fields

Survey of Radioactive Waste Management Issues

○With the purpose of supporting national policy planning and evaluation, RWMC continuously collects and analyzes information on radioactive waste disposal programs, site selection, repository concepts, research and development in foreign countries and provides this information by establishing a broad data base to the Atomic Energy Commission, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy and other stakeholders.
○For the purpose of supporting safety regulation concerning radioactive waste disposal, we collect and analyze information related to legislation, safety regulation and their background in foreign countries, and provide the outcomes to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

International Cooperation

1. Cooperation Agreements

Based on cooperation agreements with implementing entities and research organizations of various countries, RWMC exchanges information on legal frameworks, safety regulations and standards and statuses of disposal projects, and conducts collaborative research with those international partners.

2. International Collaboration

RWMC participates in the following international research projects to promote cooperation in research and obtain new research information.
· Steering committee of Grimsel Test Site(GTS) operated by NAGARA
· Joint work with IAEA on functional extension of Nuclear Fuel Cycle System Simulation Code
· OECD/NEA Horonobe International Project (HIP)

Dissemination of Outcomes

○RWMC publishes research outcomes in presentations at academic conferences and scientific papers at academic journals.
○RWMC provides information from our research through periodic newsletters (the RWMC Topics), the Annual Technical Report and its website.
○RWMC provides technical information through the Annual Workshop and lecture meetings.

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Human Resource Development

RWMC regularly organizes seminars by academic experts for mid-level engineers and researchers to help them understand advanced knowledge of radioactive waste disposal.